Pikmin 4 Trailer: A Sneak Peek at the Plant-Like Creatures Helping Players Rescue Captain Olimar – Coming July 21

New Pikmin 4 Trailer Released

Nintendo has released a new Pikmin 4 trailer which serves as an introduction to the plant-like creatures.

Embark on a Rescue Mission

The upcoming game sees players taking control of a new, customisable character and embarking on a mission to rescue Captain Olimar and the Rescue Corps sent to find him, all of whom have crash-landed on an alien planet.

Meet the Pikmin

To accomplish their mission, players will need the help of the Pikmin, an obedient, plant-like race which loves nothing more than lifting heavy objects and fighting giant monsters for alien visitors.

Diverse Abilities

The trailer above highlights some of the unique traits different Pikmin types have, including the strong and fire-resistant red ones, and the electric abilities possessed by the yellow ones. There is also an ice type Pikmin that can freeze water and enemies.

Demo and Release Date

Nintendo released a Pikmin 4 demo on the Nintendo eShop last week, alongside an extensive overview trailer for the game. The game is set to be released on July 21.

Exciting Features

The 7-minute video showcases Pikmin 4’s RPG-type features, its competitive ‘Dandori Battles’, and its new night-time challenges which play out similarly to tower defence games.

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