Pink saves two children and tells the details

THE social media released images and video clips of Ali bin Nasser Al-Wardi’s courageous stance of Bahla Wilayat in Al Dakhiliyah governorate as he rescued two children who had been detained in the valley.

He said that when I saw the two children in in the middle of the valley they were afraid, he could not leave them, so he decided to take them out with the help of his father and brother who were with him, so they told him: League (the rope and then go to save them). He added: “It never came to me in mind that I might have lost my soul, but my main concern was to save the two children. “

Al-Wardi said these situations require determination and a lack of hesitation; Because it is the hesitation that brings fear, as well as warning if there are other people who can help. Al-Wardi concluded: I wish everyone to pay attention to the children, even if their parents were not present in the situation, and to warn them of the dangers of the valleys.