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Pirate War .. Russian hackers have stolen millions of files from Australia

Despite repeated international warnings about electronic warfare that has begun to rage, especially after the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, and the alignment of the West with Kiev, it appears that Russian hackers have managed to penetrate millions of files. in Australia.

Australian police announced today, Friday, that Russian hackers were behind a cyber attack on a giant Australian health insurance company, which affected 9.7 million subscribers, including the Prime Minister.


“A group of mysteriously linked cybercriminals” carried out the cyber attack from Russia, where the group is based, said Reese Kershaw, an Australian federal police officer.

Interestingly, since the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory on February 24, international fears have increased that Moscow is trying to trigger cyber warfare, targeting infrastructure or others. in countries that clearly supported Kiev against it.

Many accusations have been made explicitly against Russia for fueling that war, but questthe latter, of course, denied it.

In recent months, Russian hackers have penetrated in many Ukrainian official institutions and several European institutions have been subject to similar attacks, as well as in the transport, infrastructure, energy and other sectors.

Last March, Google, owned by Alphabet, revealed that Russian hackers, known to internet security experts, had engaged in spying operations and launched cyber attacks against several Ukrainian targets and those belonging to allies who had sided with Kiev.

It also indicated the involvement of the famous Russian hacking unit “Fancy Bear” at the time. in these hacking operations as well as the “Just Writer” from Belarus and the “Mustang Panda” group based in China, sending virus-laden attachments to “European entities”!

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