Place a Baby Yoda Shrine in your Sims home

I spent the past weekend watching the new Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian, and I’m happy to say that I’m now ready to die for The Child (colloquially and lovingly known as Baby Yoda). I have no further episodes of The Mandalorian and I thoroughly annoyed my parents – who I visit during the holidays – with Baby Yoda clips that every time my precious hairless green monster appeared on the screen, “Baby Yoda “whisper.

I am desperate for more Baby Yoda content; After all, it’s hard enough to put my arms around a soft toy. (I have already bought a Bootleg Baby Yoda t-shirt that I saw on Instagram and am eagerly awaiting his arrival.)

Unfortunately I cannot have Baby Yoda. But I know someone who can – The Sims 4 version of me. In early December, Electronic Arts added a baby Yoda statue to The Sims 4. This statue is called “The Child Statue” in the game and is just one thing you can place on the world and display your Sims. It’s weirdly lifeless, but it’s all I’ve got.

My shrine for Baby Yoda is humble like my apartment in The Sims 4. It is small and is located in a dusty corner in the one-bedroom apartment surrounded by candles. I force Sim Nicole to watch it several times a day and it seems to make her happy. (Obviously.) But shortly after I signed out and checked in to The Sims 4 Subreddit, I realized that my shrine to Baby Yoda was missing. I’m not the only one who adores Baby Yoda in The Sims 4, and my altar is miserable by comparison.

A place where baby can learn and play yodas!

A shrine in a labyrinth!

Classic shrines!

A secret place of worship!

Whatever it is!

Baby Yoda officiates a wedding!

Over 200 The Sims 4 players gather in a new subreddit – Sims4BabyYodas, of course – to share their creations. They are great and creative, and use the statue’s limited functionality to bring Baby Yoda into their The Sims 4 worlds. One of the funniest things I found on the Subreddit is a mod that turns the statue into a toy to play with – options like “Name”, “Play” and “Show Toy” … are available , The creator, MunMun, said he intended to add a “custom Baby Yoda-specific speech” to the toy at some point.

The good news is that many of these shrines are available in The Sims 4 gallery so they can be easily downloaded – a blessing, especially if you are as design-minded as I am. There is even an adorable nursery where you can take care of your baby Yoda. Do you want your cat to be Baby Yoda? There is also.

I am thinking about looting all my houses and creating a baby yoda world.

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