Playable teaser for a remake of the cult classic RPG Gothic on Steam

The THQ Nordic team has set up a new development team in Barcelona, ​​Spain. To test their courage, the powers that make them tackle a remake of a game in their stable: especially Piranha Bites cult classic Gothic, a flawed and beloved role-playing game from 2001. The result is this playable teaser Free for anyone who owns another Piranha Bites game.

Gothic was a devilishly opaque little game that focused on a male protagonist in a prison colony. They fought against orcs, but also explored the political landscape of a remote feudal society. It contained non-player characters with their own schedules and many other subtle features that inspired the team behind The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

The same developers who developed the Gothic series also developed Elex, a complex, open-world RPG that blends science fiction, post-apocalyptic, and medieval genres into a single, somewhat unwieldy experience. Elex was poorly received, but has his champions.

But a remake … a remake sounds pretty good now that you mention it. THQ has also published a direct comparison with the original that we have embedded below. [/ embed]

“THQ Nordic strives to learn from the players through a survey after the prototype has been completed,” the publisher wrote on Steam, “whether and how production of a full Gothic remake should continue, or to leave the legacy and the great . ” related memories remain unaffected. “

There is also an official website where you can follow the game’s journey to a possible full release.

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