Playhouse Fantasy Strategy: Tips for streaming, pickup resignation, start / seat tips to win the fantasy championship

Week 14 means the start of fantasy games in most leagues (and if they haven’t started yet, it’s just around the corner). Most things about fantasy football do not change in the post-race bout and play dictate their rankings, sleepers, busts and decisions to start with, but during the training period, you make choices with the long run. , long term. With the resume luggage at the beginning and the middle, you add players to win this week and make the playoffs. Now it’s time to focus exclusively on the week (s) right in front of you. We have the best tips, strategies and tips to help you achieve your goal of winning your fantasy football championship.

Whether you’re new to fantasy football or a 20-year veteran, it never hurts to get a refresher on the things that can make the difference between evacuating early and increasing your (or literally) trophy. Here are a dozen tips to help this cause.

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Get all the handcuffs

We saw a prediction of how important a backpack could be on Monday night Week 13 when Dalvin Cook was injured and Alexander Mattison took over. If you own Cook without Mattison, the next few weeks will be very unpleasant if Cook loses time. So, first of all, handmade your backs – at least the RBs that start every week for you. If they go down, you will need a new starter and replacing them will be an obvious solution.

In some leagues, most handcuffs are already owned, so you may not be able to pick up your handcuffs directly. But in many cases, a handcuff could turn into more fantastic value than a panel back at this point (except for the obvious, where a panel could turn into a report of a person injured there). If you have a bench spot to play with, you could trap somebody else’s handcuffs, which could block a potential play-off opponent while giving you a shot at boosting value from your bench. And don’t forget, while less common, there are potential handcuffs elsewhere – Dallas Goedert in Zach Ertz or Breshad Perriman in Mike Evans / Chris Godwin come to mind.

Keep D / STs constantly

We’ve supported streaming defense all year, and the fantasy playoffs are no different. Ideally, you are already looking ahead and avoiding bad matches in Week 14 (such as the Patriots vs. Chiefs), but even if you haven’t, there is still time. And at this point, you’re not playing to win just one week – you want to win the whole shebang – so watch your league.

If possible, you can mount one or two defensive plates to have the best matches for weeks 14, 15 and 16. If you know that your 5th or 6th receiver won’t see your turn in the end, it won’t good. A D / ST that you know will get you started on Week 15 or 16 would be a much more valuable use of this roster.

Plan ahead based on the power of the timeline and the fantastic points

The flow should not be limited to D / STs, but even if you don’t want to stream to RB or WR, you’ll want to see who has the best schedule for the rest of the fantasy playoffs. Knowing what to do next will allow you to at least understand which of your players might prove useful in the coming weeks, which you won’t need again.

One way to do this is to use the timing tool that has many fantasy locations, which lets you see which opponents are good or bad races coming up. In addition, you can use Pro Football Reference’s fantasy points against the tool. There, you’ll be able to see more of the metrics statistics and see how everyone fits into a good or bad fantasy match per position.

If you say goodbye to the first week of the playoffs, you can perform even better planning strategy ahead of time because you can make Week 14 exclusion claims that help you in Week 15, with the rest of the league having to worry about Week 14 still.

Get to know the tiebreakers of your league

The more decimals your league has in the scoring system, the fewer potential players matter, but even if the odds are low, links can occur. The last thing you would want to do is connect your opponent and fail to proceed simply because you do not understand the tiebreaker.

In some leagues, the tiebreaker is most of the benchmarks or some variation on it. If this is the case and you have injured players sitting there who will not return this year (and not a champion, obviously), you could also cut ties with them at least to get points on your bench (not to mention injured players). don’t do well in the flow or plan ahead for this tip either).

Embrace the existence of an outsider with upward viewers

Understand the matching. If your opponent has Lamar Jackson and is the league’s top seed, chances are you are playing for high ceilings as opposed to high floors to try to keep up. Your chances of winning may already be quite low (and you can figure that out through most site views). We need to find a way to fill the gap.

Now that doesn’t mean doing anything crazy – it’s just about evaluating players at similar points of view to see who can reach the highest. The occupation receivers match the archetype of low toys. Someone like Emmanuel Saunders won’t have a monster week in a low-volume offense. Perhaps a player like Robby Anderson, who is prone to the occasional landing of 75 yards, gives you more chances to topple Lamar, Christian McCaffrey and the like.

Need to differentiate or stack your turn?

The answer to this question probably depends on your customization. If you’re a weak underdog, the tallest game can be the stack. If you can get all the possible points of Matt Ryan and Calvin Ridley together, for example, you might have a chance to avoid a disruption.

But if you are your favorite, you might try to differentiate. Russell Wilson will be in every line, of course, but what about Wilson’s owners who also have DK Metcalf? The risk is that their opponent will close them and you will have two weak points in your lineup. If you are a lover and you can lock Wilson points, you will continue to be involved in the production of Metcalf without the risk of complete failure.

Use the resignation wire strategically – but don’t be crazy

First things first: If you lose the playoffs, and especially if there is no prize for winning the consolation arm, just leave the resignation wire. You didn’t win the right to lose the chances of the top teams to compete.

If you are still alive, resignation wire is as important as ever and you can use it to your advantage. There is nothing wrong with adding a player that you think your opponent might want if you are ahead of them in the claim order. And if you are planning to drop someone but are not worried about their timely delivery, you might be waiting for the weekend so they can’t be added and used against you in the same week.

Beware of shifts in late-season play time

There are two types of things that fantasy owners can do when it comes to playing time under stretch. The first are real-life teams that have established players in the playoffs. This should not come into force before Week 16, and some teams do it better than others, but it is worth moving forward, if possible.

The second lagging development, which is somewhat common, closes players who have hit teams in the real-life race. Kids like Evan Engram or A.J. The green could be kept out of the way just because their teams have no reason to push them through yet another minor injury. This is not to say that Engram will drop tomorrow, but keep your eyes open for such opportunities (and players who will benefit most from increased playing time with starters).

Listen to your weather

We have already begun to see snow on the soccer fields, so it’s time to make sure you see the forecasts when designing your line, especially with your kickers. Don’t overdo it, but wind, snow and rain can make a huge difference. In general, the operation of the rear is not greatly affected by adverse conditions, while past attacks can be limited if the weather is bad enough.

And the last thing you want is a kicker to lose three kicks (or not even have a chance to try them) because the field is stinking. So watch the weather until kickoff.

Start your nails

This will go down in our last tip below, too, but it’s very simple: You designed kids in the first and second rounds to get to this point. You should have one more imperative reason (such as the utterly brutal seasons of David Johnson and JuJu Smith-Schuster) to consider sitting down now.

You are not going to sit against Patrick Mahomes against the Patriots or anyone else for that matter. It doesn’t matter what the defense of Saquon Barkley or Ezekiel Elliott is, as they should always start to limit the injury. Don’t get too cute with this thing – the best players in football can still deliver on tough matchups. Besides, I would take yourself if you sat someone like Barclay over someone like Patrick Light and reacted to keep you from winning your league.

Championship Owners: You play to win the championship

If you are in a tournament, the desire to maintain great long-term concealment can be strong. But who knows what kind of bad luck will hit you next year? If you have to throw Riley Ridley (or introduce another talented but limited use recruit) to drop a defense, you should do so in a heartbeat.

This could also have a championship recovery component. If you’ve kept Matthew Stafford (or Kerryon Johnson) but need help winning Week 14 or 15, it’s worth making any move you need. The slots for one game at a time are more valid than ever. Plan ahead, sure, but make every move with the intention of winning the playoffs you are in right now.

Make the decision that will not make you hate yourself

We’d love to read all of our rankings, sleepers and busts and all the fantasy here at Sporting News. We would like to think that we are good at what we do and provide consistent advice. But at the end of the day, it’s your team.

When the decision comes to WR3 or FLEX, there could be a huge gap in our ranking and you might have to follow them. But if you have three players separated by seven points, then use the gut a little. Make the call you can live with.

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