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Playing Metronome Gets Players Disqualified in South Korean Pokémon Tournament: A Protest Against the Asian Competitive Circuit

Pokémon players disqualified for playing the same ability

Disqualified for playing the same ability

Sometimes the habit does not make the monk. A statement that takes on a new sense in the news of Pokémon: all is not always rosy nor of the ilk of care bears in the universe of the most lucrative license in the world. Witness a Pokémon Scarlet / Purple tournament in South Korea: its four finalists decided to protest against the way in which the community of professional players in Asia is treated. One of these four players, with the pseudonym Nash, expressed himself in detail on Twitter on the subject;

With his colleagues, they decided to use the Metronome ability to denounce the lack of interest that the Asian subsidiary of Pokémon competitions seems to show. For those who don’t know, Metronome is an ability that randomly chooses another ability.

Metronome to denounce the conditions of the circuit

Metronome therefore makes the parts completely risky, something totally paradoxical for the last matches of a Pokémon competition. As mentioned below, a completely voluntary choice to denounce the conditions, according to them problematic, of the Asian competitive circuit of Pokémon:

Ironically, Pokémon South Korea felt that this behavior was inappropriate or could create an offensive image to other players. Consequently, all four players were disqualified from the tournament. Only time will tell if this will have had an impact on the Asian circuit.


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