‘Playing with our freedom of speech ‘: Author of anti-Biden rap “Let’s go Brandon” CENSORED by YouTube

Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon” cannot be found on YouTube or Instagram, but the rap track using the meme phrase for criticizing US President Joe Biden has risen past Adele’s new single to become the most popular on iTunes.

“I don’t even curse, and I’m the most censored rapper in the world. Like? possible? “ Gray told RT on Monday, commenting on the fact that YouTube deleted his song. The Google-owned video platform is claiming its own lyrics to contain “Medical misinformation” on the coronavirus pandemic. Gray calls it censorship.

If you can ban art, you can ban anything.


Starring Tyson James and Chandler Crump, Gray’s rap targets Biden’s management of the economy, the pandemic, and withdrawal from Afghanistan, among other things. The Democrat’s approval ratings are currently in free fall.

Unlike many raps songs, ‘Let’s go Brandon’ is not laden with swearing. The title comes from a meme, created in early October when an NBC sports reporter tried to spin the fact that crowd at a NASCAR race he was singing “F *** Joe Biden” instead. Since then, it has spread without swearing way criticize the president in charge – e avoid censorship. Until now, that is.

“They are playing with our freedom of speech; nobody is joking with they are joking with us,” Gray told RT. He described the behavior of the Biden administration as “nothing more similar to a dictatorship “. Pointing to an example, he said that the current government was “trying to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated”, saying it was “like Jim Crow 2.0, “ a reference to the laws on racial segregation in the United States in the early 20th century.

Youtube banned Gray’s trial on October 21, saying one of the contents of the lyrics was “Medical misinformation” on the coronavirus. They gave him a second “to hit” soon since then, but he said they would respond to his appeal. Facebook-owned Instagram deleted the music also video.

On Twitter, Gray’s official page is stopped up like of the weather of writing – but one he can no longer get the name suggested by the network, even when copying and pasting “CCG BRYSON” or “@RealBrysonGray”.

The censorship appears to have failed, however, when “Let’s Go Brandon” arrived at top of iTunes charts over the weekend, surpassing Adele’s “Easy On Me”.

“We made it!” Gray tweeted on Sunday. “Stop being afraid of censorship. Stop being afraid of being deleted. STANDING. Thanks a lot to everyone! CONTINUES!”

Interestingly, Google searches for “ITunes Charts” kept returning previews that started at second place as if the first place did not exist.

There are currently three “Come on Brandon” songs in the top 10 in the United States, Gray pointed out – one at number three and the other at number ten – but only hers was banned. It is the only one without vulgarity.

“Because it is the most censored rapper in the country someone who does not even curse in songs? “ Gray told Fox News over the weekend. “Why can you rap? murder, sex and drugs, but when I talk about questions about government do i get banned? Is this still America? “

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Source RT News.

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