PlayStation-acquired Studio Firesprite Unveils New Office Space and Expands Team to Over 250

PlayStation-acquired studio Firesprite showcases new, larger office space

Firesprite, the studio recently acquired by PlayStation, has unveiled its brand new and significantly larger office.

In a celebratory article on their website, Firesprite states, “The move to our new studio space is a significant step forward for Firesprite in helping us fulfill our vision of becoming a creative powerhouse within the PlayStation Studios family.”

The team, now consisting of over 250 members, has settled into the completely renovated space, which previously housed a library, maritime business, museum, and newsroom, according to Firesprite.

Reports indicate that the complex, leased until 2032, is the largest rental in Liverpool in the past three years.

Exciting Projects and Collaborations

Firesprite recently collaborated with Guerrilla Games on the PlayStation VR 2 title, Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Additionally, Firesprite has taken over development of the anticipated Twisted Metal reboot, which has yet to be officially announced.

Earlier this year, job listings on Firesprite’s website revealed that the studio is also working on an “AAA narrative driven horror-adventure game in Unreal 5.”

From Closure to Acquisition

Firesprite was founded in 2012 by former members of SIE Studio Liverpool after the closure of the latter by Sony. In September 2021, Sony acquired Firesprite, officially welcoming it as the 14th studio within the ‘PlayStation Studios family.’

Head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “After a number of years closely collaborating on several games together, including The Playroom and The Playroom VR, I couldn’t be more delighted to welcome Firesprite to the PlayStation Studios family.”

Hulst adds, “Firesprite is a creative and ambitious studio that is exceptional at building incredible experiences that truly showcase the potential of our hardware. The team’s technical and creative capabilities will be paramount to growing our stellar catalog of exclusive games, and I think you’ll be excited for what’s to come.”

An Acquisition of Their Own

Weeks later, Firesprite made an acquisition of its own by purchasing Manchester-based Fabrik Games. The two studios had previously collaborated on the multiplatform survival horror game, The Persistence.

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