PlayStation announces DualShock 4 back button attachment

Competition players have been using paddles on the back of their controllers for years to give them the decisive advantage in matches. From the premium gamepads from Scuf Gaming to the Xbox One Elite controllers from the first vendors, we’ve seen these paddles appear on multiple high-end controllers. Today Sony announced a new appendix that offers features similar to its standard DualShock 4 controller.

The PlayStation back button attachment is shown on the bottom of your DualShock 4 and can assign up to 16 different buttons. For example, if you want the right back button to act as a shortcut for the triangle while the left back button is a shortcut for R1, you can map it as such. The back button attachment has an OLED screen, on which you can see which buttons the individual buttons are assigned to.

You can save three profiles in the “Back” attachment to switch between the configurations for the games that you play most frequently during operation. It also has a headset pass-through so you can still use a 3.5mm headset with the peripheral. [/ embed]

The PlayStation back button app will be released on January 23 and costs $ 30.

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