PlayStation Showcase 2023: Mixed Reviews and Hope for Surprises in the Future

The PlayStation Showcase: A Mixed Reception

The PlayStation Showcase was not unanimous

Sony held one of its key events last week for son video game department. The PlayStation Showcase is a kind of annual meeting where the brand speaks, in grand, of his future projects. It is therefore a question of the release of next video games on the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4 but also of titles intended for the PlayStation VR 2. Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, also presented new machines such as (earphones) and ProjectQ: a console portable to play PlayStation 5. A PlayStation Showcase that ended with a big session gameplay from one of the most anticipated PS5 exclusives of the year: Marvel’s Spider-man 2.

Despite this show one hour, the fans gave a more than mixed reception to the evening. In cause, the absence of flagship exclusives from the manufacturers which have been the subject of rumors for several months. There was no additional information about the Last of Us multiplayer even if Naughty Dog took the lead by posting a tweet in the process. Besides, there was also a cold shower for those who were waiting for news of a possible remaster of Bloodborne or a sequel to Ghost. of Tsushima.

A year 2023 still full of surprises?

But hope gives life. The year 2023 not being over yet, it is probable that PlayStation saves its biggest cartridges for the summer or back to school. Something theon can all the more believe according to Ethan Gach. Reporter at Kotaku, he recently indicated that other digital conferences were to come from the side of PlayStation but also from Nintendo:

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