Pogba on why he failed with United: changing coaches every year has been difficult

ROME: Frenchman Paul Pogba said the number of great coaches he worked with at Manchester United affected his chances of success in English Premier League, and who is happy to return “home” to Serie A rival Juventus. Pogba left Juventus to return to United, where he had previously played in the youth academy, with a record deal at the time in 2016, but after six seasons during which he failed in England, the 29-year-old returned to Turin after his contract with United expired. The French player spoke today in press conference on Tuesday about the reasons for his departure from Juventus after winning the Scudetto four times, and for his return in team after winning only two league titles with United, where he played under the guidance of three coaches. “I’m happy with my choices, sometimes you make choices that don’t work in your favor, but I’m happy with my time in Manchester, I’ve matured, learned and became a man,” he said. “Changing (United) manager every year is difficult, and that was difficult for me. Then I had injuries, but I think it was also psychological, playing and not playing and losing my place. He was part of everything, the coaches, the team and your place on the team. All of this got in the way of me a bit. “” Now I’m leaving the team, you’ll see a completely different version of Paul. I can do better than I did in previous seasons ”. Pogba arrived at Juventus on a four-year contract, where he hopes to bring the team back to the podium after losing the Scudetto in the last two seasons. “I’m happy to be back home, that’s how I feel here,” Pogba said. This is more than a dream, I am very happy. I had several proposals, but my heart chose Juventus. “I was happy here before, I’m happy now, I want to give my best, I can’t wait to help the team, I hope to do better than last time”. (Reuters)