Pokémon: A Video Game License Emphasizing Social Interactions and Sharing

Pokémon: a video game license focused on sharing

Since their creation, Pokémon video games have emphasized the social interactions they offer. In 1996, when the first game (Pokémon Rouge) was released, a contest made it possible to obtain the Pokémon Mew: 20 copies were distributed to the public and create excitement national for the game. Players then exchange it to complete their Pokédex. But this kind of community mobilization doesn’t stop. With the release of Pokémon Scarlet/Purple, a code system is implemented. place to successfully obtain each other’s exclusive Pokémon version in exchange for his own.

It is also Pokémon GO that pushes social in addition to encouraging physical activity. In addition to trading, battles, and arenas, players can send gifts to each other, which they collect from PokéStops. They can send them to friends, which allows them to receive eggs or other useful items for a trainer: potion, stardust and Poké Balls can be collected. Despite this give-and-take system (the player sending the gift receives points experience), some players think it should be reviewed.

Pokémon GO: players are fed up with gifts!

On the , this is the user Moonimations expressing son dissatisfaction. Via a meme, he is fed up that the Gifts he sends to his friends are not opened. Witness the 2,600 likes left on son message. What is pointed out here, among other things, is the disinterest of some players for the content of these gifts. In any case, this is what user Octoyaki suggests in response to Moonimations:

In addition, it is also the tediousness caused by the opening of these gifts: some have hundreds of them but Pokémon Go prevents players from opening more than 30 per day. What quickly see Santa’s basket overflowing with rewards. In this regard, it should also be noted that it is no longer necessary to have space in son inventory to be able to open them, but the rewards will not be the same.

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