Pokemon Go: Arlos Team Rocket Guide (Best Counters)

Pokémon Go now allows players to fight Team Rocket bosses, each using a different Pokémon.

Fighting the bosses is a mandatory step in monthly team missile research. So if you want a Shadow Legendary Pokémon, you have to accept it.

Arlo is one of the Team Rocket gymnastics directors and probably the hardest of the three. He uses a mix of flying and bug-like Pokémon, with some other types thrown in.

How do I find Arlo?

Defeat Team Rocket Grunt at PokéStops and get six mysterious components. After reaching six, they are put together into a tracker to find a Team Rocket leader. At various PokéStops marked by the tracker, you compete against one of the three leaders. You don’t know which sports director is there, but the locations change only once a day, so you should have enough time to find the one you want.

Which Pokémon does Arlo use?

Arlo uses three Pokémon and his first Pokémon is always the same, his second and third Pokémon vary. His possible team members are listed below:

  • First Pokémon: Scyther
  • Second Pokémon: Gyarados / Crobat / Magnezone
  • Third Pokémon: Charizard / Dragonite / Scizor

Which Pokémon should I use against Arlo?

Cliff uses a lot of flight and bug types Fire– and electricalTypes are a safe bet.

  • Melmetal with Thunder Shock and Rock Slide (best for Arlos insect and aviator types like Scyther, Crobat and Gyarados)
  • Moltres with Fire Spin and Sky Attack (best for Arlo beetles like Scyther and Scizor)
  • Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt / Ancient Power (best for Arlos aviators like Gyarados, Crobat and Charizard)
  • Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge (best for Arlos flight types like Charizard, Dragonite, Crobat and Gyarados)

It is a good idea to always start with Melmetal (packing Thunder Shock and Rock Slide). You want the rapid charge like Rock Slide to force Arlo’s Scyther to use his two shields very early. This is definitely the most difficult part of the fight. Once you get past Scyther, the rest of the fight with the counters above should be a lot easier.

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