Pokemon Go players outraged after Niantic gave away the Kanto Tour bonus event for free

Due to a failed Kanto Tour event in Pokemon Go, Niantic’s bonus event also fell short and caused widespread outrage online.

Throughout February, the Pokemon Go developers wanted to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary in a meaningful way. Players could sign up for a premium event for one day for $ 11.99. However, this spectacle left the players behind angry.

Trainers all over the world were able to get involved in the unique event without actually buying a ticket. To do justice to those who felt cheated, Niantic outlined plans for a new bonus event starting March 5th.

While this was intended as an excuse for players who originally paid, history quickly repeated itself. Selected trainers were able to make it into the bonus event for free and completely ruin the purpose.

The announcement came through a blog post dated March 4, which outlined how only paid ticket holders can participate [the] Bonus event. Just a few hours later, the community quickly realized that this wasn’t quite the case.

“I thought it was only for ticket holders,” said Reddit user.OgS314asked, confused about how they had entered the event. “[New Zealand] Player here and didn’t buy the ticket but got it for free from the previous bug. “

“I’m looking forward to the inevitable make-up make-up event, followed closely by the make-up make-up event,” replied another amusingly.

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Even when others are given access, those who paid for the original event still feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth.

“I didn’t buy the ticket to get a few items. I bought the ticket to enjoy an event. “Bladtezsaid on twitter.

Niantic has yet to respond to the backlash at the time of writing. Only time will tell if another bonus event will follow soon to make up for mistakes. Whether or not you’re betting on Pokemon Go anytime soon, you’ll be able to access the latest rewards without paying for them.

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When you complete the event-exclusive timed research, you’ll have access to everything from 100 Mew Candy to a Star Piece and much more.

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