Pokemon Leaker claims that the Let’s Go sequel will be announced along with Diamond & Pearl remakes

Pokemon fans are already excited about rumors that Diamond and Pearl remakes are on the way, but now a leaker is also claiming that a sequel to Let’s Go is in the works.

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Pokemon fans could possibly really look forward to this year.

Pokemon Go events are popping up on the left, right, and center, and rumor has it that Diamond and Pearl Remakes are in the works and will be officially announced sometime in 2021.

According to a leaker called Dark Ho-Oh, that’s not all: According to Insider, a sequel to the dual-release game Let’s Go is also on the way, which will run alongside the Diamond and Pearl remakes.

The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake would be huge.

“Pokemon Let’s Go: The Catcher Will Be Announced Soon,” wrote Dark Ho-Oh. “I can’t give too much away, but it will be revealed very soon!”

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Of course, his contribution thrilled many fans. However, some feared that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes could be delayed.

Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. “[Pokemon Diamond and Pearl] Remakes are still ongoing, however [Pokemon] Let’s go: The catch is also revealed, ”added Dark Ho-Oh. “Expect a direct announcement from Pokémon this week.”

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Dark Ho-Oh isn’t the most famous leaker on the scene. However, KeliosFR, a popular and accurate leaker that runs Pokekalosliked his posts. His support has led many fans to believe the information is valid.

At this point everything is still speculation. However, the signs are promising and the hype is real. The Diamond and Pearl Remakes are likely to be the most popular choice among die-hard fans.

Still, a sequel to Let’s Go is exciting news too, giving players yet another opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon.

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