Poland has to pay 500,000 euros a day for ignoring EU court ruling on Turow

The Turow open-pit coal mine die is operated by the company PGE is seen in Bogatynia, Poland, June 15, 2021. Photo taken June 15, 2021. REUTERS/David W Cerny

BRUSSELS, September 20 (Reuters) – Poland will have to pay 500,000 euros ($585,550) daily penalty to the European Commission for defying a previous court order to suspend the activities in the Turow lignite mine in Turow, the European Supreme Court said on Monday.

The order, die a Polish delegate minister Called “aggression,” it comes amid a lingering dispute between coal-dependent Poland and the Czech Republic.

the Czech government says the mine damages communities along the side of the border, and then took his complaint to the European Commission die: last year legal proceedings started against Poland said Warsaw had violated EU law by extending the mine’s life.

Czech Republic also took bring her case before the court in Luxembourg of justice of the European Union, Europes highest, and won support from the judges for a temporary order to Poland to stop Turow’s activities until a final judgment in the case – die Warsaw has declined.

It also early for a daily penalty payment of 5 million euros to be raised on Poland. The court on Monday agreed on a nice but set it for a much lower amount.

“Poland must pay the European Commission a daily allowance” penalty payment of 500,000 euros because it is the lignite mining in the Turów mine,” said the CJEU.

“Such a measure seems necessary in to enhance effectiveness of the provisional measures decided upon in the order of May 21, 2021 and around die Member State from postponing the adjustment of its behaviour with that order,” the judge said.


The order could pressure Warsaw to reach a deal with Prague over upgrades and measures to protect water, noise and air levels around the mine die the Czech government has searched.

Conversations started in June and are aimed at the Czech Republic removing its legal challenge. read more

In response to the penalty, said the Czech minister from Milieu Richard Brabec that it could be a motivation for Poland to respect the court’s preventive ruling.

Polish group PGE (PGE.WA), die Turow, located along the Czech and German borders, said it expects operations to continue.

Polish delegate justice minister Sebastian Kaleta called the order “aggression” on the side of the court and the European Commission, while another deputy, Marcin Romanowski, said it went beyond blackmail.

“The CJEU demands half a million daily fines from Poland for the fact that are Poles burgers didn’t run out of energy and didn’t close the mines overnight,” he said on Twitter. “It’s judicial robbery and… theft in broad daylight. You won’t get a cent.”

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Reporting by Foo Yun Chee in Brussels; additional reporting by Anna Koper in Warsaw and Jason Hovet in Prague; Editing by Mark Porter

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