Poland thwarts England’s perfect run with a lethal draw for World Cup qualifiers

Warsaw: The Polish national team interrupted the perfect start for England’s host in Group I of the European qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar next year, after imposing a 1-1 draw in a deadly moment today, Wednesday, in the sixth round of the group, which also saw the victory of Hungary over host Andorra 2-1, and of Albania against host San Marino 5-0. Despite the draw, England continued to lead the group with 16 points, having squandered the first two points of their group career, 4 points clear of their closest rival, Albania, while Poland finished third. with 11 points. Hungary is fourth with ten points, while Andorra is fifth with three points and San Marino is in bottom of the ranking without points. In the Polish capital Warsaw, English star Harry Kane scored for England in the 72nd minute, but Damien Szymanski scored the deadly draw for Poland in the second minute of injury time for the second half. And this deadly draw, to prevent the Polish team of its English counterpart, from maintaining full points in the points draw in the group. In the Albanian capital Tirana, Albania won a landslide 5-0 victory over visiting San Marino team. King Manaj opened the scoring for Albania in the 32nd minute, before his teammates Casim Lacy and Armando Broja scored the second and third goals respectively in the 58th and 61st minutes, while Mr. Hsai scored the fourth goal in the 68 ‘. concluded the exultation of the goal, scoring the fifth goal in the 80th minute. For the Albanian team, which obtained the third victory in the group and the second in a row. Having lost in the last two rounds to England and Albania, the Hungarian team has found their balance after a difficult 2-1 victory over Andorra, the visiting team. Adam Shalay led Hungary in advantage in the ninth minute from a penalty kick, while Andrei Butka scored the second goal in the 18 ‘, while Max Lovira scored Andorra’s only goal in the 82nd minute.

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