Police honor an Indian resident who found one million dirhams

Brigadier Abdul Rahim bin Shafee, director of Al Barsha Police Station in Dubai Police, honored Tariq Mahmoud Khaled Mahmoud, an Indian citizen, for delivering one million dirhams found in the building’s elevator to the police. in where he lives and who is in the jurisdiction of the Al Barsha Police Station, in the presence of Colonel Majid Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of the Center, Colonel Ishaq Muhammad, Head of the General Service Department, Lieutenant Colonel Adel Moussa, Head of the Administrative Affairs Department , and Lt. Mona Abdel Mohsen, head of the Customer Happiness Department.

Brigadier General Abdul Rahim bin Shafi ‘praised Mr. Tariq Mahmoud Khaled, who embodies the noble values ​​we are proud of in our company, stressing that this honor falls within the framework of the centre’s management interest in motivating the public, which contributes to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Dubai Police General Command.

Brigadier General Abdul Rahim bin Shafie presented a certificate of thanks and appreciation to Mr. Tariq Mahmoud Khaled, for his honesty and insight, stressing that this honor is part of the activation of the role of community partnership between the Dubai police and the public, spreading the good quality and spirit of cooperation and collaboration to spread safety and safety in throughout the country, praising the great role played by members of the community and their effective contribution to improving the reputation of the state through fruitful collaboration with the security services.

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