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Policeman ousted for Rittenhouse support has a demand

A former The Virginia cop is asking for his job back after being fired in following his $ 25 donation to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense, which the officer had thought it had been made anonymous.

Former Norfolk Police Lieutenant William Kelly told the Daily Mail, in an interview released on the day in which came the verdict of not guilty of Rittenhouse in, who deserves his work back from “hypocritical” police chief who fired him.

Kelly, 42, made titles in April after it was revealed that he had donated aa defense funds via Give Send Go e left the message, “God bless you. Thank you for your courage. Keep yours head up. You did not do anything wrong. Every base police officer supports you ”. His name was discovered by a hacker group, that in following leaked names for the media, namely The Guardian.

Kelly’s actions have been withheld “Dear” at the time, though former the officer said that made the donation in anonymous form to specifically keep his department away from his personal feelings on the case. The department, however, said Kelly had “Eroded” confidence with the public and hacked department policy.

The former officer has since filed a complaint with the city over his being let go, which some activists particularly believe bad in light of The acquittal of Rittenhouse.

The former the police lieutenant believes, however, that the actual issue it is a prejudice that crosses the ranks. He claims to be punished Not for have an opinion but for having the wrong opinion.

In her filed complaint, Kelly includes a photo of Police Chief Larry Boone appears at a Black Lives Matter protest last year in full uniform and while on duty. Has in hand a Black Lives Matter sign with the names of people who were the victims of police shootings, including some in Norfolk.

“If I had a different opinion and made a donation to a fund for the victims e made comments on how Mr. Rittenhouse was a killer, no one would have cared or tried to get me fired “ Kelly said.

The effects of his firing I could lead to widespread trouble for police officers, Kelly later added, saying that the officers approached him concerned on the expression of personal political views for fear of people doxxing them with the media, And of subsequently losing his job for having the wrong opinion.

Kelly saw a wave of support from his firing, especially from conservative activists. Author and commentator Candace Owens promoted her own crowdfunding campaign for the former officer, which he raised over 200,000 dollars.

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