Political leader of the Turkish opposition: Actions by Erdogan and his ally “political revenge”

The co-chair of the pro-Kurdish HDP in criticized Turkey die Policy of the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan towards its party with regard to attempts to die Party close and die To delete their representatives’ membership in Parliament.

Speaking to her party’s parliamentary bloc on Tuesday, Boldan pointed out that die Actions by the Erdogan government and its ally Devlet Bahçeli, the leader of the MHP, represent a “state of political revenge”.

“We remind you once again that democratic consensus, free politics and international law die Main lines of solution are. Form dialogue and negotiation die Basis for this line, “Boldan told the Turkish President.

She added, “As long as this government is in power, nobody is in this country safe. “As an indispensable part of democracy and to achieve common sense, they have a war against die Opposition started. “

“They staged a coup against the right to vote, which is the most important principle of democracy,” she added.

In relation to die Dismissal of the elected mayor of the HDP and die Appointment of agents in Close to the government in their place, Boldan said: “Regardless of the will of millions of Kurds, they have die HDP communities confiscated. They have appointed a trustee from Bogazici University. We saw the other day that they appointed a trustee. In order to manage Gezi Park, they have used pressure and repression to eliminate all democratic, economic and social rights of the citizens one by one.

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