Poll reveals Matthew McConaughey’s chances of ruling Texas

Texans want Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey a run for governor and I would prefer it over Greg Abbott in office or Democratic hope Beto O’Rourke, showed a surprise poll.

If the Oscar-winning actor and producer goes further just to flirt with the idea of in execution for governor in Texas, he might have a chance of winning, a new poll published from the University of Texas and the Dallas Morning News indicate.

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Defects of the Democratic Representative of Texas to the Republicans over definancing of police, border crisis

Defects of the Democratic Representative of Texas to the Republicans over definancing of police, border crisis

The idea itself was supported by 40% of people respondents, while only 33% said no want McConaughey in the race. Pitted in specific way against Governor Abbott, would have the support of 43% of voters against 35% of the president in load. Republicans would still prefer to keep the current GOP head of state, but Democrats and Independents would rather have McConaughey than Abbott or someone else.

He also went well against Democratic hope Beto O’Rourke, who threw his hat in the ring on November 18. O’Rourke hopes for a strong campaign, based on its 2018 better than expected run to oust GOP Senator Ted Cruz.

In a McConaughey-O’Rourke toss-up, respondents favored the former almost double, 49% compared to 27%. Democrats still called O’Rourke the preferable candidate, but Independents and Republicans supported in overwhelmingly McConaughey.

A three-way classified choice between Abbott, O’Rourke and McConaughey is gone in favor of the governor in load, with the other two in delay behind by about 10 percent points.

McConaughey’s ability to win the Democratic nomination was not tested in the survey. People who he said they will vote in the Democratic primaries affirmed in overwhelming view of O’Rourke as the most promising candidate in a state-level election in November 2022.

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