Survey: What’s The Best 3D Sonic Video Game?

Rate every 3D Sonic platformer on Nintendo systems

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  • by Gavin Lane

The latter half of Nintendo’s 2020 calendar may have focused on another video gaming titan’s birthday, nevertheless Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30 th anniversary is fast approaching. SEGA honors its 60 th anniversary this year– along with the Game Equipment’s 30 th– and has substantial methods in the works for next year to honor 3 years of the blue hedgehog’s running, spin- dashing and typically being a thorn in Robotnik’s adequate sides.

With that in mind, we believed it had to do with time to give the hedgehog a little of 2020’s spotlight. Sonic has an inarguably patchier 3D back brochure compared to Super Mario, he’s still handled to score plenty of hits over the years, with some real 3D gems to his name.

Comparable to our other reader-ranked surveys, we’re asking you lovely lot to rate every 3D Sonic platformer you have actually played from thelist below We have really consisted of all the 3D games that have actually released on Nintendo systems (we’ll take a look at the 2D and side- scrolling games another time).

Registered Nintendo Life users can click the stars noted below and rate the games out of10 If you have really formerly rated these video games in our database, thank you!

Sonic The Hedgehog

So, gloves on, and let’s get down to it!

Rate each 3D Sonic platformer you have really played:

Click the stars noted below to rate out of 10 each Sonic platformer you have really played:

Got ta rate fast!

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