Popular party game The coup today costs only $ 8

Popular party game    The coup today costs only $ 8

Indie board is cards

There is nothing enough like sitting down with friends in person and playing a good table game for some hours, but there is not always enough time or attention span for a full game of Catano. That’s why there is a whole set of shorter form board is card games you can play that takes up much less time, and one of the best you can get is the coup. It’s a game of political intrigue with charming rules, but each round just takes up 30-45 minutes so it’s perfect for play immediately after a meal together. What if you add now in your collection, you can get it for more of half off.

coup d’etat on his is a lot of fun, but once you get it in you want to expand in some of the add-on. There are a couple of them of different expansion packs for add characters is mission types, so be careful once that start you could add to the collection soon. If all you get Coup, however, you will find the box can be hidden in a small space and pulled out quickly when you have people in your house again.

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