Porsche Cayenne Cockpit Redesigned with Inspiration from Taycan and 911 for 2024

The new Porsche Cayenne is set to hit US stores this summer, featuring a refreshed cockpit with design elements taken from some of Porsche’s most iconic vehicles. The new driver-focused concept groups key controls around the steering wheel, making it easier for the driver to access the necessary functions. Borrowing elements from the Taycan fastback, the Cayenne’s new dashboard features a free-standing, curved 12.6-inch digital instrument cluster and a revamped center console. The multifunction steering wheel, introduced in the latest-generation 911, has been included to put driving mode controls and instrument cluster display settings within easy reach.

The gear selector has been moved to the right of the steering wheel, which has made space for a large air conditioning controller in the center console. The vertical air outlets have ditched their traditional louvres. The Cayenne’s dash also has an optional 10.9 inch passenger display, originally debuted in the Taycan. The touch screen allows passengers to operate the navigation system or select media content. The screen-dimming technology ensures that the driver cannot view the passenger screen.

The 2024 Cayenne is at the top of the Porsche lineup and is the sports car brand’s second biggest seller in the US. In 2020, deliveries of the Cayenne rose by 23% to 21,194, emphasizing its popularity in the market.

Porsche has been renowned for its luxury cars with high performance for more than 50 years. The brand is well-known for producing iconic models such as the 911, Carrera, and the Cayenne, combining powerful engines with elegant design.

The redesigned cockpit of the Cayenne has taken inspiration from the Taycan, an electric fastback sedan that Porsche introduced in 2019. The free-standing, curved instrument cluster on the dashboard has borrowed from the Taycan’s futuristic design. The 12.6-inch high-resolution touchscreen provides useful information and allows the driver to easily adjust settings, without shifting focus from driving. The center console has an elegant, minimalistic design with a wide range of integrated features such as the gear selector, air conditioning, and storage compartments.

The Cayenne’s multifunctional steering wheel features a design from the latest model of the 911. It is easy to use and enables the driver to adjust various settings without struggling or stopping the car. The wheel has paddle shifters that allow for smooth and precise gear changes, giving the driver complete control over the vehicle. The sleek, leather-wrapped steering wheel is not only functional but also gives the car an air of sophistication.

The vertical air outlets of the Cayenne’s new dashboard provide improved airflow, which makes the car more comfortable to ride in, particularly during hot weather. The air conditioning system is particularly noteworthy as it has undergone a redesign to make it easier to control. The previously larger front center console has been replaced with a smaller one that integrates the gear selector and puts the air conditioning controller within easy reach of the driver.

Aside from the driver-focused cockpit, the new Porsche Cayenne also features an optional 10.9-inch touchscreen display built into the dashboard that allows the passenger to operate the navigation system or media content. The touchscreen’s inclusion is particularly noteworthy as it promotes interaction between the driver and the passenger. However, the dimming technology ensures that the driver is not distracted by the display and can maintain full focus on the road.

In conclusion, the new Porsche Cayenne receives a redesign that combines performance with style. The new design takes inspiration from Porsche’s iconic cars, such as the 911 and the Taycan. Although the new cockpit design is much more driver-focused, the addition of an optional touchscreen passenger display is a welcome feature for a car designed for a family. The Cayenne’s comfort and ease of use are also improved through the new center console and redesigned ventilation system. With its sleek design and advanced technology, the Porsche Cayenne is set to remain a top contender in the luxury SUV market.