Porsha Williams puts on makeup without gorgeous photos with her mother, Diane T. Williams, and announces a new chapter for 2020

Diane T. Williams, who is the mother of the actress and reality star Porsha Williams, has teamed up for some great photos.

Porsha is currently on vacation with her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, in Mexico, where she is having the best time of her life after a very complicated year.

Joined by several friends, her granddaughter, PJ, and her mother Diane, Porsha, hit the beach, enjoyed good food and relax.

The Atlanta Real Housewives star shared some makeup-free photos with her mom by her side and said she plans to have a big 2020.

She said, “Peace be still … ????????‍♀️ I’m going to focus on #SelfCare in 2020! I make it a priority and I cut it into my schedule as non-negotiable !! ❤️ Enjoy this incredible spa with my mother loves you, you deserve it! @msdianeofficial # OneLife2Live #SelfCareEqualsSelfLove #QualityTime. “

One fan said, “Wow … for a completely different person under all this foundation ????????????????????????”

Another speaker shared: “Magnificent. Most black women need little or no makeup. We have beautiful skin. “

This contributor said, “You’re so pretty without makeup, most women can’t walk around without makeup, but baby you can.” An additional note tells mom that she is beautiful too. She said she needed her face done before her spots lol ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ happy new year and lots of blessings! “

Porsha was supposed to get married on New Years Eve, but after Dennis cheated on her, everything was canceled.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and said that things were going well between the two.

The person said, “Porsha and Dennis are in such an amazing place right now and can’t wait to start a new chapter in 2020. They’ve had their fair share of obstacles this past year, but they are more determined than ever to do their relationship work. The love they share has never gone, but Porsha works again to trust Dennis, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to show him how much he loves her. “

The insider then revealed, “YP is the most important thing to them, and Porsha believes it is important for her to grow up with both of her parents. The wedding will still take place, but they have not yet decided on a date. They decided to postpone the New Year’s date because they wanted to focus on strengthening their relationship. They still have work to do, but it gets there. They really love each other and they are happier than ever right now. “

The source then confessed: “Porsha has just spent the best family vacation with Dennis; Everything was perfect. Lately things have been so good that Dennis has done his best to make her happy. She feels so blessed and is delighted to have decided to give him a new chance at him and their relationship. He proves to her every day that it was the right decision. The best thing for her is to see him with their little girl. He is such a good father and she likes to see this link more than anything. “


Porsha seems to be happy despite the recent drama.

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