Porsha Williams’ Recent Clip She Shared On Social Media Triggers A Massive Debate

Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account that Kandi Burruss shared also a while back. It’s like a trailer for a film, and, ‘we’ re the characters’– a fan of Porsha’s stated.

This video handled to activate a massive debate about today’s reality in the remarks. Have a look at the clip below.

‘Someone sent this to me and I thought it was so amazing! Enjoy Stay At Home!’ Porsha captioned her post.

A fan stated: ‘I thought this was a real movie. When this comes out?? Oh wait it’ s currently out and we the characters,’ and another fan stated: ‘its a parody from the new Candyman.’

Another person stated: ‘When he attempted to shake that hand he stated “go home, young man”’ and one fan posted this: ‘That was deep but so true! Guinea pigs!!! Save ourselves.’

A commenter stated: ‘Why stay home? It’ s scam sis. They simply exposed half them deaths are from the INFLUENZA just 37,000 Americans have actually died from Covid-19 and we have a population of 328 million.’

Another commenter stated: ‘I love how you said ONLY 37,000 Americans have died! If one person dies from something that is one too many!’

One fan had this theory: ‘Folk never seem to do any REAL research when they spread stuff through the black community and its annoying and exhausting to be honest. Nurses are literally being laid off for not slapping COVID on death certificates. The media lies to push agendas and the numbers are INFLATED to do so. Family’ s must be requesting for autopsies. Anybody who had the influenza shot over the last years will test favorable. Not to point out the COMPLETELY empty health centers here in Atlanta and, Tampa … these medical professionals are pushing death certificates about the reason for death due to the fact that they’re being required to. Not to point out, the mannequins being utilized in the media at health centers. It’s all an interruption from 5g radiation poisoning.’

The exact same fan stated and continued that ‘The exact same 5G that actually went national through Verizon and AT&T simply a couple of weeks PRIOR TO “Corona.” Which is rather intriguing because it was first evaluated in … you thought it, WUHAN, China. In 2015 … and so you understand, this REALLY pandemic was evaluated MONTHS ago with a number of the world leaders present, at a convention … MONTHS AGO. It’s okay though, when the New World order utilizes this to set the phase for obligatory vaccinations and microchips, I’ll be raptured and this will be somebody else’s problem.’

Another fan hopped in the remarks and stated: ‘I get a flu shot every year and tested negative for COVID a month or so ago. I don’ t believe this is a scam at all. My cousin operates in a nursing home and simply evaluated favorable for COVID and is now in the health center. I concur the dispersing of false information has actually been tiring however it depends on us as people to do our own research study.’


What do you think of the theories that are being spread out nowadays? And what about the video that Porsha shared?

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