Porsha Williams triggers pregnancy rumors – See this photo with Cynthia Bailey; Is that a baby bump?

Porsha Williams shared a photo with Cynthia Bailey on her social media account, and in the caption, she publicly proclaims her love for her. Cynthia is engaged and the ladies of RHOA are happy for her. Check out Porsha’s post below.

‘Love is in the air! No one deserves more than my sweet girlfriend @ cynthiabailey10 ❤️ #Rhoa “, Porsha captioned her message.

As fans gushed over the two ladies and their friendship, many fans said that Porsha was definitely pregnant with her second baby.

Someone said, “I can’t wait ???? until you announce this Pretty P grossesse pregnancy”

A follower has shaded Kenya and said, “ Kenya is a dream killer and you’re going to let it get away with every fucking thing it doesn’t care about, I’ll see why things never work with it and men. “

A subscriber posted this: “I’m happy for @ cynthiabailey10. She shines and everything. @ Porsha4real looks pregnant. Baby number 2 must be in the oven now.”

Someone else touched on the relationship between Porsha and Dennis McKinley: “@ porsha4real doesn’t give in to him. Look at his facial expressions when you were both in the therapist’s office. He is so selfless and you can see from the looks he has given you that he is very resentful. Come on, daughter, you and your daughter deserve so much better. “

One follower said, “Porsha don’t let Kenya fool you by being your friend. Kenya is shaded against the 100, “and someone else posted this:” If Porsha and Cynthia can catch up. Nene and Cynthia can surely catch up. “

Porsha hit the headlines the other day when it was revealed that she shared a video on her social media account in which she looked like her sister, Lauren Williams.


Some fans have also said that she looks like Kim Porter.

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