Port Sudan is drowning. Torrential rains and suspension of studies

Strong torrents have flowed through neighborhoods of the city of Port Sudan in eastern Sudan and communication sites in Sudan monitored horrific scenes of water flowing in the streets and neighborhoods of the coastal city yesterday, Wednesday.

The Red Sea State Ministry of Education announced today, Thursday, the suspension of studies and the obligation for all schools in the government and non-government sector to make today a public holiday, in order to preserve the safety of students and of female students due to bad weather and the lack of means of transport due to the continuous rains. Heavy rains fell for long hours on the city of Port Sudan and transformed in torrential rains, and the Meteorological Authority has forecast another wave of rain today, Thursday.

Local sources say: Salalab Bridges and Shaqr neighborhoods are considered to be the most affected, as the torrents have flowed through those areas in huge amounts and caused houses and small bridges to collapse and swept via internal roads and streams have blocked the road leading to the Shaqr district, west of the city. There is great public discontent over the poor and slow drainage of standing water in the city center and near the markets, amid fears of collapsing sanitary conditions and the spread of infectious diseases. Port Sudan is the main port of Sudan on the Red Sea coast, about 670 km east of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and is characterized by a rainy climate in the winter season.