porunai . from Tamil Nadu [Thamirabarani] civilization is 3,200 years old, says MK Stalin

carbon dating of rice with soil yield date of 1155 BC.

A carbon dating analysis of rice with soil, found in an urn at Sivakalai in Thoothukudi District of Tamil Nadu, by the in Miami-based Beta Analytic Testing Laboratory has released the date of 1155 BC, indicating Thamirabarani civilization dates back to back up to 3,200 years.

Encouraged by this finding, Prime Minister MK Stalin on Thursday announced in the meeting the establishment of Porunai Museum in Tirunelveli at a cost of 15 crore.

“The finding has shown that the Porunai . River [Thamirabarani] civilization data back up to 3,200 years. It is the government’s task to scientifically prove that the history of the Indian subcontinent should begin from the Tamil landscape,” he said in An suo motu pronunciation.

The Beta Analytic Testing Laboratory has the test report on August 27.

Mr. Stalin said archaeological excavations would be carried out out in other states and countries in Search of Tamil roots. In the first phase, studies would be conducted at the ancient port of Muziris, now known as Pattanam, in Kerala.

porunai .  from Tamil Nadu [Thamirabarani] civilization is 3,200 years old, says MK Stalin

The beta analysis lab in Miami in The United States, on August 27 released from the test report | Photo credit: Special arrangement

“The research is done together with Kerala Archaeologists to Establish Antiquity and Culture of the Chera Empire,” he said. Similar studies would be conducted at Vengi in Andhra Pradesh, Thalaikadu in Karnataka and Paluro in Odisha.

Chief Minister said Tamil Nadu Archeology Department would take charge research at Quseir al-Qadim and Pernica Anekke in Egypt, die were ever part of the Roman Empire, but also in Khor Rori in Oman, to settle the Tamils trade relationships with this countries.

“There are potsherds met Tamil script found in this countries. The investigation will be conducted with the help of the archaeologists of this countries,” he said.

Mr. Stalin said studies would also are carried out in Southeast Asian countriessuch as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, where King Rajendra Chola had established supremacy.

Reminiscent of his visit to Keezhadi, where excavations had thrown up new findings, the Chief Minister said that the carbon dating of the objects die excavated there, proved that the Tamil community had even reached literacy in the sixth century B.C. “Keezhadi has Tamilsover the whole world united world.”

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He said that professor Susmita Basu Majumdar of the University of Calcutta had concluded that the silver coin with sun and other symbols was pre-Mauryan. Rakesh Tewari, former director general of Archaeological research of India, the outcome had said of the excavations in Keeladi, Kodumanal and other locations in Tamil Nadu has the view that there may have been contacts between South India and north india al in 600 BCE-700 BCE of even earlier.

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