Positive Developments in Barcelona Post-Departure of Busquets and Alba

Barcelona Might Sign Xavi Amidst Financial Crisis

He confirmed reports in the Spanish press that Barcelona would soon be able to sign their player Xavi, while the Catalan press indicated that the financial crisis that the team was suffering from ended with the departure of defender Jodri Alba from the team.

The departure of the duo of Sergio Busquets and Alba will lead to a new renaissance in the ranks of the Barcelona team, after getting rid of the most important members of the team who have received big money in recent years.

The Departure of the Duo from Barcelona is a Way to Bring Back Lionel Messi

It is possible that the departure of the duo may contribute to reaching a final agreement on the return of Messi in the near future, the money of both players will be given to the salary of the Argentine star Lionel.

While Messi’s return to the Catalan club remains uncertain in the future, this is a complex matter for the team. The club is also looking to sign other players such as Canselu, Gundogan and Zubmindi, which means the team will need to get rid of some players before doing so.

Barça are top of the La Liga table for the 2022/2023 season with 85 points and have officially won the La Liga title for the 27th time in their history.

Leo Messi has been linked with leaving Paris Saint-Germain after his contract expired in light of multiple offers, most notably to return to his former team, in addition to an offer from Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia and another from the American League.