Possible way to blow up gas pipes "Nord Stream"

Professor Valery Bissell of the Russian University of Oil and Gas said that “an underwater robot is needed” to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines.

In a statement to the Izvestiya newspaper, the professor points out that in order to clarify what is at stake, you need to know the following: “The thickness of the metal wall of the pipe ranges from 34 to 40 mm. the pipes are covered with a thick layer of concrete to flood the pipe because the gas-filled pipe tries to float like a buoy, and the concrete is needed not only to reinforce the wall, but also because it creates the weight that the pipe allows to sink.”

To destroy such a pipe, he adds, “a powerful explosion” is required.

“I am not an expert on explosives,” he says, “but it is clear that underwater robots were necessary because a person is simply not able to put such a large amount of explosives under the Nord Stream pipes.

According to him, such sabotage could be carried out by companies specializing in working with underwater offshore facilities.

“There are many such companies in Norway, the Netherlands and Britain, and they all work in offshore oil and gas facilities, and they all have robots working on the construction of these facilities. They can be used to transport explosives,” he says. .

The professor emphasizes that it is surprising that the explosion occurred in Swedish territorial waters, which are under the control of Stockholm.

He says: “That’s why I don’t understand how they didn’t find preparations for this sabotage operation!!!”.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.