Poverty infiltrates die Lebanese … this money is a ring for the survival of their orphans

Suffering for months die Lebanese among them Stifling the economic crisisThe country has seen nothing like it in decades after successive governments accumulated debt after the 1975-1990 civil war with no signs of spending rationalization.

Banks, die For die Central to the service economy are also crippled as depositors have been denied access to their dollar accounts or told they cannot receive meager amounts.

In addition, the collapse of the currency hit a large part of the population in die Driven by poverty.

Amid all these challenges, the foreign money is for die Lebanese in an urgent need for their country. Foreign money transfers save some of them from poverty as they help keep thousands of Lebanese families off the edge of the abyss.

According to official estimates amounted to die Transfers from Lebanese expatriates in their country to $ 7 billion in 2020.

A lifeline

In this regard, Aida Safar said in Statements to the Associated Press that without the amount of money she received from relatives living outside Lebanon as support, she would not in would have been able to go on with their lives, not even a minimum.

For them and for thousands of other Lebanese families, these remittances have become a lifeline, the importance of which has increased by around 90% of its value within a year with the loss of the Lebanese pound.

From the list of their daily needs

She stated that she had a monthly income of more than $ 500 (about 750 thousand pounds) when the exchange rate of the US dollar was around 1500 pounds but its price now exceeds 12 thousand pounds on the black market, resulting in one enormous price increase in all walks of life, including the cost of your small business, die it advertises on “Instagram”.

The biggest problem for die However, daughter of Tripoli is that die Salaries of hundreds of thousands have dropped From the Lebanese Many were forced to make do with high priority purchases such as groceries and medicines, and die Accessories handcrafted by Aida were no longer on die List of their daily needs set.

This story of Aida is nothing more than one of the effects of the deteriorating scene in Lebanon after years of dysregulation and rampant corruption, die die Lebanese deposits in banks destroyed, and then worsened die “Covid-19” epidemic die Situation.

Wait a month or two!

Filina Jamal, die works in the field of cosmetology and comes from the city of Barja between Beirut and Sidon, is also armed with the financial transfer, die her husband sends her $ 300 each month without a die she wouldn’t do this in be able to secure food for their two children. She said, “I sometimes wait a month or two for a call from a customer. My job has fast stopped since the collapse of the lira, then came die Closure due to Corona to die To cease work permanently. “” “

She also gave up her cell phone line and replaced it with the prepaid line service. Before the revolution die in October 2019 against die When political class broke out, she earned an income of between $ 400 and $ 500, which is the minimum wage in Lebanon. But that ended and now she’s happy with the $ 300 die she receives from her husband abroad to support her children and die Pay for housing, electricity, generator and the necessary food.

The Lina and Aida cases resemble tens of thousands of Lebanese whose continued work is related to the value of the dollar in the market, in a country that is heavily dependent on imports and will spend $ 20 billion on imported goods and materials in 2019 alone.

Since the end of 2019, the phenomenon of dollar scarcity began in the markets before die Series of collapse of the lira continued and die Banks die insoles in Dollars confiscated.

“The real Lebanese oil”

In this context, economic researcher Ziyad Nasir al-Din reiterated that the money transferred by expatriates is equivalent to “Lebanon’s real oil, the in Reached $ 12 billion once a year in pre-crisis periods and then fell to $ 7 billion.

He also pointed out another fact related to the so-called “fresh dollars”, die pointed out that the expatriate used to have to send $ 800 a month to his family, but now he may be enough to transfer $ 400 because the price is black, despite price inflation, the market has grown larger as the state is still the official one Price (1,500 Lira) applies to basic materials such as gasoline, diesel, hospital stays, medicine, internet, customs and others.

It is noteworthy that die Lebanese whether in the years of civil war in In the seventies and eighties of the last century or after it, they always relied on transfers from their relatives with a migration background or on work abroad. The business cycle is disturbed Currently, the tourism sector has stopped and many exports have stalled, making them a last resort for many, especially as the dollar is now worth more than £ 12,000.

It is noteworthy that die Dollar inflows from Lebanese abroad not only help feed their relatives in Lebanon, but also prevent the total collapse of the associated price.

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