PowerBook 540c is the best Mac laptop so far

May 16, 1994: Apple launches the PowerBook 540 c, one of the best laptop computers in its history.

Part of the ingenious 500 series of PowerBooks, the 540 c is the laptop to own in1994 Blisteringly fast, jam-packed with ingenious features, and offering the best note pad display on the market, it’s a victory on every level. for $ 5,539 ($ 9,139 in today’s money), it had much better be …

The PowerBook 540 c was a significant leap forward for Apple laptop computers at the time. It was so good that, for the first time, a large portion of Apple’s fanbase was persuaded that it was the best machine the business was making, including its desktop Macs.

The previous 100 series PowerBooks were an enormous industrial and innovative success for Apple, assisting drive the business to new financial heights. By 1994 they were looking less excellent, both in terms of aesthetic appeals and features.

PowerBook 540 c: Apple’s best laptop yet

https://www.youtube com/watch? v= Dcp1iLSl0M8

The 500 series PowerBooks were the best follow up this side of Aliens or Terminator II. Of these, the PowerBook 540 c was the indisputable champ. It boasted the world’s first 16- bit portable display, which Apple declared at the time, “May well be the finest screen ever to grace a notebook computer.”

Although it just used 640 ×400 resolution, the active- matrix 9.5-inch display’s ability to show thousands of colors at the very same time made competing laptop computers look favorably ancient– especially when you factored in Apple’s QuickTime video software and the laptop’s built-in stereo sound.

The display wasn’t the just big upgrade, either. The PowerBook 540 c was also remarkably fast, being the first Apple note pad to consist of a33MHz Motorola 68LC040 CPU It came with 4MB of RAM (upgradeable to 12 MB). In benchmark tests, it ran a massive 80 percent faster than the fastest previous PowerBook.

In addition, the PowerBook 540 c supported PC cards, 10BT Ethernet and external displays up to 20 inches. A trackpad offered an upgrade over the trackballs of Apple’s previous laptop computers. And twin NiMH batteries used 5 hours of life.

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