Premier League leaders seek the decision to kneel against racism

London: The leaders of the English Premier League teams will meet again this week to discuss whether players should kneel before matches, to denounce racism or not, before the start of the new season. The anti-racism gesture has been a regular feature of English football since the summer of 2020 and is seen as a crucial symbol in the fight against racism and discrimination. The significance and importance of this practice has been discussed by the club, in particularly in the first division championship, “Championship”, in notably Bristol City and Swansea City, who decided to stop it last week. And the British news agency (BA Media) reported that the meeting, which was held between 20 leaders of the English Premier League teams, and took place last Thursday, in who discussed whether or not to continue this practice, but after presenting the various points of view, a final decision was not reached, resorting to another meeting this week. Interestingly, the English Premier League is always happy to support player decisions, but a final decision is expected in this practice will be taken before the start of the first game of the season, which brings together Crystal Palace and its host Arsenal, next Friday. Players will be back together to get out of the stadium tunnel and shake hands before matches start, since in previously it was forbidden to shake hands with players to fight the spread of the new Corona virus, but this will return before the games. (Dpa)