Preparations for the Rocket League for the Fast & Furious – Update 1.99 released

The next Fast & Furious DLC will be released soon, Psyonix has released a new update for Rocket League. below us show you the full patch Notes.

The Rocket League Update 1.99 and now available for download, for all platforms. There are some changes and bugs fixes. Above all, the preparations are in course made for the next DLC, but read for yourself:

Notes on patch Rocket League update 1.99


  • This update prepares Rocket League for in Fast & Furious arrival content
  • The Select your favorite series of articles and now available
    • The new The series will be drop how do you plan after a few games online


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the rejoining notification from appearing after disconnecting from a match online
  • Fixed the Dune Racer decal in so that he didn’t do it anymore changes the color of the upholstery on Octane
  • [PS4] Fixed the Add Friends notification in so that it appears at the expected frequency
  • Fixed a bug that caused some purchased Premium DLCs to be displayed on multiple platforms
  • Fixed aspect of some banners of NASCAR players
  • [Rumble] Fixed a bug that prevented some of them players from receiving power-ups once their timer hits zero
  • [Xbox One] Solved and issue causing a long boot times on Xbox One

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