Prepare to Sell or Trade in Your iPhone 8 and iPhone X: New iOS 17 Update Reduces Value by 50%

Apple’s iOS 17 Update to Reduce Value of iPhone 8 and iPhone X by 50%

The biggest leap forward

Apple is preparing to launch the new iOS 17, which will unleash a lot of new features for the iPhone – but the update will reduce the value of some models by 50%.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which were released in 2017, will not support the upcoming operating system – and tech experts are urging users to sell or trade in the devices before next September.

The replacement price in good condition for the iPhone X is currently around $190, the iPhone 8 is $90 and the iPhone 8 Plus is $152.

And when the iOS 16 operating system was launched last year

And when the iOS 16 operating system was launched last year, the price of “iPhone 7 Plus” decreased from $ 138 in June 2022 to $ 80, while the price of “iPhone 6S Plus” fell from $ 94 to $ 47.

It cost $999 to buy an Apple iPhone X in 2017.

The smartphone was the first to abandon Touch ID in exchange for Face ID, marking a new era for iPhones.

The device – which has been called “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone” – features more advanced features than the “iPhone 8” series that was announced at one time.

The iPhone X features a glass front and back, a stainless steel band around the edge, and a bezel-less display — all of which have not been seen before in an Apple phone.

The iPhone X also includes Apple’s first OLED display, called the Super Retina display, which has a diameter of 5.8 inches.

The anniversary smartphone outperformed the flagship devices, but the iPhone 8 was still a favorite among its fans at the time.

Apple reported selling 86.3 million iPhone 8 and 8 Plus worldwide, making it one of the best-selling smartphones ever. However, they were discontinued in February 2020.

Apple released the iPhone SE that year, which was basically an upgraded iPhone, and now it looks like the end of the line has come for both the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Smartphone prices drop

A report from SellCell indicates that smartphone values ​​are likely to drop by up to 50%, opening up a host of security risks.

And the report stated: “The iPhone X and iPhone 8 will not receive the iOS 17 update, which means that the phones will not receive security updates either.”

New updates with iOS 17 promise to be expansive, with a host of new security features, including improvements to Safari Private Browsing, Apple’s Child Safety Protection, and more aesthetic and usability improvements.

Spelling correction will also use a new AI-powered model, avoiding previous correction problems that annoyed users.

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