Prescribing Yoga for Cancer Patients: A New Study Shows Two Sessions a Week Can Reduce Inflammation and Help Prevent Cancer Recurrence

The Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients: A New Study Finds It Can Reduce Inflammation


A new study has found that doctors should prescribe yoga to cancer patients to prevent it from spreading or returning.

The Study

Exercise is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, so researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York decided to find out if yoga could be beneficial for cancer survivors. Karen Mustian, the project’s principal investigator, has been studying its impact on treatment toxicity and side effects for cancer patients over the past two decades. In this study of 502 cancer survivors, about half of them participated in 75-minute sessions twice a week for four weeks.

Results of the Study

At the beginning and at the end of the month, blood tests were taken to assess the level of inflammation, which showed that participants had significantly fewer signs of stress. “The main story we’re taking home is that yoga lowers inflammatory chemicals,” says Karen Mustian. They concluded that doctors should consider prescribing yoga to survivors with inflammation, which could lead to a significant burden of chronic toxicity and an increased risk of cancer and cancer recurrence.

Benefits of Exercise For Cancer Patients

The study shows that a “soft” form of exercise may also help reduce the severity of cancer and reduce the risk of it spreading to other places. A separate study presented at the world’s largest cancer conference found that cancer patients who remained active into old age reduced their chances of dying by about 18%. Experts say attitudes are slowly changing, with doctors now opting to stay active rather than rest to aid recovery.

Minimum Amount of Exercise

Now the question is, what exactly should we do? From a medical point of view, the question is what is the minimum amount of exercise that can be effective in helping cancer patients. Inactive people are 28% more likely to die within six months of being diagnosed with cancers such as prostate, breast, colon, and lung cancers – the most common types. Patients were categorized according to their level of activity, with at least one 30-minute walk five days a week being considered “active”.


Both studies add to growing evidence that exercise may play a role in helping cancer patients. A “soft” form of exercise like yoga can reduce inflammation significantly, which is good news for cancer survivors. Physicians should now consider prescribing yoga to survivors with inflammation to prevent it from causing chronic toxicity and an increased risk of cancer and cancer recurrence.

Source: Daily Mail

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