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Present the wreckage of the Iranian marches .. a message from Kiev to the United Nations

Ukraine has called on UN experts to examine the wrecks it claims are Iranian drones sold to Russia and used to attack Ukrainian towns and cities. in violation of international sanctions, if proven.

In a letter sent to the head of the UN Security Council, Ukraine’s Ambassador Sergey Kiseltsya said Russia has been receiving shipments of banned substances from Iran since January 2016.

The ambassador also added in the letter that Iranian rallies of the “Muhajir” and “witness” type have been transferred. in Russia in late August, according to “Voice of America “today, Wednesday.

“Immigrant” and “Witness”

Kislitsia indicated that both “Muhajir” and “Shahid” aircraft were produced by “Quds Aviation”, which is subject to asset freezing penalties under resolution no. 2231 of the Security Council, emphasizing that this is a violation of international resolutions.

In parallel, the Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that Ukraine has supplied to the European Union prove materials of Russia’s use of Iranian marches.

Washington said on Monday that Iran’s actions violate Resolution 2231.

Violation of international resolutions

Deputy Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Vidant Patel told reporters that France and Britain had publicly submitted an assessment indicating that Iran’s supply of these drones to Russia was a violation of Security Council Resolution 2231. United.

Diplomats revealed on Tuesday that the United States, Britain and France had asked the UN Security Council to discuss the Iranian drone issue. in a closed meeting on Wednesday.

Threatening to punish

White House press secretary Karen-Jean-Pierre told reporters that the Iranians “have not been honest about it and deny that they have provided Russia with weapons to use. in Ukraine”.

He added that the US would impose sanctions on the Russian and Iranian arms trade and “make it difficult for Iran to sell these weapons to Russia”.

It is reported that in recent weeks Ukraine has repeatedly reported Russian attacks on its cities using Iranian Shahed-136 drones, which Tehran and Moscow deny.

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