Presentation of the ultimate Patola party track

Times Music is back with its latest presentation titled Patola. The track is a fun and lively number that will surely make you vibrate. Patola is sung by Brijesh Shandilya, who also co-composed the song with Pranshu Jha. The lyrics were written by Deepak Adhikari.

Another special part about this is that the song’s clip stars Miss India United Continents 2018, stunning Gayatri Bhardwaj and super sexy actor Sahil Anand. In an Indian marriage, Gayatri is considered a Punjabi girl and Sahil plays a man who does everything he can to try to court her.

When asked about his experience on the set, Gayatri said: “Patola is such a great song that it has been ringing in my ear for so long! The story, the outfits and the decor were so well done. The team and the distribution set were great to work with and I am really happy with the way the video went. He said, “The song is so fun and spirited, I was absolutely hooked the first time! This is my first video clip and it was a great experience. I’m really happy with the result of the video. I hope the public likes it as much as we loved filming it. ”

Patola is an exclusive version of Times Music and is available for streaming on the Times Music YouTube channel. Patola is available on all streaming platforms for your enjoyment.

Take a look at the video below.

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