Business PRESENTING: The 4 steps CIOs should require to turn...

PRESENTING: The 4 steps CIOs should require to turn any business’s IT department into a rock star team no one takes for granted


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Increased tech spending plans are providing chief information officers new authority within the C-suite and moving the IT team out of the shadows.

A sector traditionally deemed network managers and hardware experts are increasingly tasked with leading digital overhauls impacting the whole business. For industries that have actually been slower to purchase brand-new tech, that shift can be a lot more hard compared to early adopters like Wall Street banks.

That held true for Paola Arbour when she came onboard Tenet Health care in 2018 as the health center chain’s primary information officer. The hire was recognition of the need for a leader that might “bring technology to bear into a company that has actually invested probably excessive of its time not appreciating innovation the method it needed to,” she informed Business Expert.

Arbour shared the 4 actions she required to turn the IT department from ticket-takers into tech leaders.

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The 4 actions CIOs must take to turn any company’s IT department into a rock star group nobody takes for granted

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