President Barcelona: this is the date of the contractual agreement

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Barcelona president Joan Laporta blew up a storm of controversy in newspapers and social, passing new leaks to journalists and the Catalan media arm, during which he unveiled the proposed date for the closure of the agreement that the Juventus fans are eagerly awaiting, in a discussion with his associate counselor in decision-making room. And the newspaper “Marca” cites Catalan sources, which Laporta loudly said at the last board of directors: “I will sign with Halland next summer”, believing he will have enough money to bear the costs of a deal described by the report as ” the big star expected ”, including his annual salary, especially after the completion of the process of eliminating half stars and those with high salaries. The source said the chief lawyer prefers to avoid talking about the Norwegian striker in public, but he is convinced that he is the latest winner to sign the Scandinavian monster in the twentieth century, and it is not about the money and the plan to provide the necessary transfer fees, but also about his ability to convince the player and his agent Mino Raiola, to take sides, for the future project of the blaugrana, instead of the big offers he is choosing between at the moment, and referring to the other trio, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, according to the statements of his agent. And the same report specified that Laporta had already had more than one meeting with the Italian agent and his father Halland in recent months, that is to elaborate a plan for the transfer of the player from “Signal Iduna Park” to “Camp Nou”. “, including the discussion on the project the 21-year-old will go to, for his will to be in a competitive team that helps him realize his dreams in the next stage by winning and competing for all the prestigious collective titles and individual awards. And “Marca” explained that the president of Barça took advantage of his privileged relationship with Praiola, and was able to convince him of the sporting project, which will see the light after the first two years of the mandate of the new administration, and should be based on a Superstar the size of Halland, along with other names with the same specifics as newcomer Ferran Torres, After overcoming the economic crisis and bringing things back to their original state, the desired goal has been achieved, the well-known version of Barcelona is back and the advertising campaigns have spilled over into the stars. In conclusion, he indicated what Laporta awaits after signing with Halland, and speaking of the Norwegian advertising companies, which will flock to the club, to take advantage of the presence of the local symbol in the “Camp Nou”, in addition to the t-shirts that will be sold as “cakes” in home of the player, and other things that will help compensate the costs of the exorbitant deal in time record, with hints that he is not afraid to compete with Real Madrid for the deal, due to the player’s difficulty in agreeing to go in a team that includes three stars, Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior, and the same for Paris Saint-Germain, which is full of stars and legends, unless they decide to go in Premier League, after the withdrawal of Bayern Munich, for the distance from Raiola in financial matters.

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