President Biden visits Chicago on Wednesday to promote vaccine mandates for companies

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will visit the friendly borders of Chicago on Wednesday to “emphasize the importance” of Covid-19 vaccine requirements for companies,” the White House says announced Thursday.

The Chicago Sun-Times has learned that Biden plans to visit a Chicago business enforcing a vaccine mandate, a White House official said.

Earlier this month, Biden ordered that all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated, with some exceptions, and that? private employers with 100 of more workers will have to require workers to be vaccinated weekly of tested – and give time off for the shots.

However, the order is not yet in effect. At a meeting with business leaders and CEOs in the White House on On September 15, Biden said: “The Department of Labor is working on an emergency rule that requires all employers with 100 of more workers to ensure their employees are fully vaccinated and tested regularly. And it’s gonna take a little while for them around die to place requirements in place according to the law.”

Biden arrives next week, as northern Illinois breached the threat of the Delta variant for now, with downstate Illinois hospitals filled with COVID-19 patients.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor JB Pritzker, both Democrats, are strong supporters of Biden’s Domestic Agenda with state and city governments die take advantage of historical levels of federal funding in to offset the economic damage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But so far there are no sweeping vaccine mandates for the entire city of over the whole state.

Pritzker demands that “all health professionals, including nursing” home staff, all pre-k-12 faculty and staff, as well as: higher education personnel” to be vaccinated, as well as die “collection facilities”, including veterans homes and prisons.

Lightfoot said on Wednesday she will uphold her October 15 deadline for all city workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine, even if the police union, almost always at odds with Lightfoot — the brotherly order of The police chief supports Trump and opposes the mandate.

On Thursday, Lightfoot launched the latest city drive to convince people to get vaccinated – calling it “Protect Chicago 77”. The goal is for minimum 77% of all Chicago residents aged 12 and up to at least get the first COVID-19 vaccination towards the end of the year. Currently 72.4% of Chicagoans ages 12 and older have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The White House does not move out details yet on Biden’s visit. At the “77” event, Lightfoot said City Hall and the White House are in “early stages” of conversations over the visitors.

By the way, the 77 is a reference to the 77 community areas in Chicago.

This is from Biden second presidential visit to Illinois.

Be first first visit, he touched down at O’Hare on July 7 and went to Crystal Lake to boost Representative Lauren Underwood, D-Ill., and push his infrastructure plan now facing a rocky road in Congress, with its fate linked to other legislation.

Vice President Kamala Harris, landing at Midway Airport on 6 April toured a COVID-19 vaccination center in 2260 S Grove St. organized by the Chicago Federation of Work.

“Please tell all your friends, tell your aunts and uncles, and your grandparents and children that when it’s their turn, it’s their time and let’s all just do what we need to do to be healthy to be safe, be careful of ourselves and our families, and in Which way we’ll build back up,” she said.

Before returning to the airport, Harris stopped by the Bakery met Brown sugar at 328 E. 75e NS.

in April, first lady Jill Biden, who teaches a community secondary school in northern virginia, made her first visit to Illinois, appear at Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon.

In July, second Mr Douglas Emhoff, husband of the vice president, visited a barbershop in Englewood and a health center a few blocks away on the south side as part of the Biden administration drive encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

During his speech on McHenry County College in Trump’s Tough Political Terrain, Biden Said What The Infrastructure Bill Could Mean for Illinois. “You have, like many states – all states – you have 230 – 2,374 bridges and over 6,200 miles of motorway die to be in decay. Like a result, each driver in this state pays a hidden tax of about $600 per year in wasted time and wasted fuel because: of the nature of the roads and bridges — and, through the way, you are better than many of states — not to mention the challenge of nasty work of going to daycare on time to avoid die late fee when you pick up your child.

“Your governor has an ambitious infrastructure plan and under a bipartisan infrastructure agreement we are going to make the largest investment in roads and bridges since construction of the Interstate Highway System, literally creating millions of goodpaid jobs.”

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