President of club ES Setif: Egypt’s Al-Ahly is 50 years ahead of club Algerians

Algeria: Abdelhakim Sarrar, president of the club Algerian ES Setif, claimed that the club Egyptian Al-Ahly is 50 years ahead of club Algerians. Al-Ahly defeated ES Setif 4-0 on Saturday in the first leg of the African Champions League semi-finals. Sarrar stated in statements on Algerian radio: “We faced a strong team that had several international players in their ranks, and it was our bad luck that they were at their best, while we were completely absent from the game.” He added: “We played with ten players for more than 60 minutes (after player Amir Karaoui was sent off), and that didn’t make our task easier. We have suffered a humiliating loss, we must not blame the manager for what happened because he took over his duties only 20 days ago. If there are people responsible for this defeat, the responsibility lies mainly with us ”. Sarrar praised Al-Ahly’s level of achievement, saying he is 50 years ahead of the best club Algerians. He added: “Al-Ahly is more than one clubit is a great institution … Even the Algerian teams sponsored by government companies are far from this level. “Sarrar admitted the difficulty of ES Setif’s task in the match back in schedule next Saturday at the Algerian capital’s “5 July” stadium, underlining that the players will try their best to save face. (Dpa)