President of the Boeing Company for Arabia: 44,000 new aircraft enter the market within 20 years

In an interview with “Al Arabiya” on the sidelines of the Dubai Airshow, Boeing International President Michael Arthur confirmed the rapid recovery in demand for new aircraft and the delivery of previous orders.

It revealed that “Boeing” is converting some passenger aircraft in cargo planes to meet demand, expecting 44,000 new planes to enter the market within 20 years.

Arthur described the new “Boeing” aircraft as 25% more efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

He explained that market demand is now starting to recover very quickly and this includes new orders and the delivery of previous orders, and the demand for narrow planes will start first to meet domestic demand and then move to large planes such as the 737 Max to meet international demand.

He referred to the other market that “recently aroused our interest is the airfreight market, since historically we have not encountered a tale demand for cargo aircraft and we sell such aircraft quickly and as the demand is very high we are converting some of our passenger aircraft in cargo plane.” After Covid, people want to get their orders quickly from e-commerce like Amazon and others ”.

He said: “If we look at the next twenty years, we expect 44,000 new aircraft to enter the global market and about half of that number will replace the old aircraft and the other half to meet the growth of expansion plans, but after 10 years. the demand for airplanes will be half or less, and even half will be for replacement and half for growth ”.

He added: “One of the key things in the industry today is how to make these aircraft more efficient and environmentally friendly standard of sustainability. Perhaps the best way today is to replace the old planes, because the new planes are 25% more efficient in terms of fuel, so we are making great strides with our customers regarding the aircraft replacement process.

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