President of the Cooperation Club in response to Al-Qasim: The debts of the previous administrations do not concern us

(God is enough for me, and he is the best agent, and God is enough to reckon.) With these words, the former president of the Al-Taawon Club, Muhammad Al-Qasim, tweeted through his account on the platform of social network (Twitter), in one moment in whose informed sources spoke of the existence of some financial issues and obligations, the authenticity of which could not be verified, where the Ministry of Sport requested their liquidation within a period not exceeding two months, while the current management of the club , led by Dr. Saud Al-Rashudi, confirmed that he was not interested, as evidenced by previous administrations.

Which raised a cloud of questions about how the club have obtained the certificate of financial competence and the Asian license before paying these obligations?!.

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