Preventing Blood Stickiness: Russian Cardiologist Reveals Foods to Avoid

Russian Cardiologist Shares Insights on Preventing Sticky Blood

Renowned Russian cardiologist, Tamaz Gaglushvili, has addressed a common concern among patients regarding which foods to steer clear of in order to avoid blood stickiness, a condition that has been linked to serious health issues such as blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

The Dangers of Dehydration

Dr. Gaglushvili emphasizes that dehydration is the most perilous factor contributing to sticky blood. He stresses the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet to counteract this issue.

In Dr. Gaglushvili’s own words, “In the absence of a need for anticoagulants, it is unnecessary to thin the blood. Simply consuming an adequate amount of water is sufficient.”

Identifying and Addressing Blood Density

According to toxicology expert, Professor Mikhail Kutushov, increased blood density can be detected through a general blood analysis. If a problem is detected, the first step is to eliminate sugar intake as it elevates blood glucose levels.

Professor Kutushov explains that “the production of lipid compounds increases, thus increasing blood viscosity and the risk of thrombosis.” He advises reducing the consumption of buckwheat dishes, bananas, and potatoes. Instead, he suggests focusing on foods that contain taurine, such as seafood. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of incorporating protein into every meal as it helps combat protein deficiency often seen in individuals with high blood viscosity.

Warning Signs and Seeking Medical Advice

Cardiovascular surgeon Viktor Baledin, who heads the Department of Vascular Surgery at the Federal Scientific and Clinical Center of the Russian Federal Medical and Biological Agency, has previously cautioned the public about circulatory disorders. These disorders may manifest as fluctuations in blood volume, changes in blood fluidity, and other alarming symptoms.

If individuals experience numbness or tingling in their fingertips, a change in the color of their extremities’ skin, or a persistent feeling of coldness in their feet and palms, they should seek immediate medical attention.


Article Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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