Previous statements from Mask’s ex-wife float .. “I’m in control here”!

After the storm that in recent days has swept the face of the American billionaire Elon Musk in on the issue of harassment, an old article written by his first wife has returned to the fore.

Comments from Jennifer Justin Wilson, who was married to Tesla founder from 2000 to 2008, caught on on Twitter following recent allegations against Musk of sexually assaulting a flight attendant on a private jet in 2016.

In a long and frank article published by Marie Claire magazine in 2010, Jennifer revealed that Musk treated her as an “employee and threatened to fire her,” according to Newsweek.

He also mentioned the phrase “chilling”, as she put it, during their first dance at their wedding, where he addressed her, saying, “I am the alpha in this relationship “, indicating that it is dominant and dominant.

While she pointed out that she ignored the matter at first, but as time went on she learned and made sure it was serious.

Academic and writer Becca Lewis posted a tweet on Friday in he remembered the Justin Musk article.

Harassment and Democrats

This came after allegations of harassment recently surfaced, claiming that SpaceX paid $ 250,000 in 2018 to settle a lawsuit filed against him by an unnamed flight attendant, the “Business Insider” website reported within days. does.

Musk has denied these allegations, pointing out that they are “incorrect” and politically motivated, and is expected to witness other such inventions.

This also came after the richest man in the world harshly criticized the Democrats in the United States, saying they had become a party that promotes division and hatred. in America, and confirmed that he would vote for the Republican Party in the next election.

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