Prime Minister of Israel: whoever attacks us and whoever sends him will pay the price

Today, Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett promised to target those who attack Israel and those who are behind them, saying: “We will not only target those who attack us, but also those who send them, even if they are a thousand kilometers away. of distance. “

A spokesperson quoted Bennett as saying: “The era of impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of terrorism is over.”

He also added: “The terrorist who perpetuates the operation will not be the only one to pay the price, but also the party that sends it, even if it is a thousand kilometers from this place”.

Possible comparison

Furthermore, he felt that his country “is waging a war against a vile enemy who craves death . and does not hesitate to try to destroy the lives of the citizens of Israel instead of building their lives and their futures.”

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He expressed Tel Aviv’s readiness for a possible confrontation if necessary, saying: “We are ready and trained to strike the enemy. in hard and decisive way “.

The messages are clear

Although the Israeli prime minister did not explicitly mention Iran, the messages are clear, especially in light of the escalation in course between them in recent times, after the approach of the relaunch of the nuclear deal, which Tel Aviv is trying to obstruct.

In the last round of counterattacks between Tehran and Tel Aviv, the Israeli government on Monday ordered telecommunications companies to step up their cybersecurity efforts following increased hacking attempts.

Israel also launches airstrikes on Iranian sites in Syria and carries out electronic attacks on vital institutions inside Iran, while Tehran supports Hezbollah, Hamas and other delegates, which Israel considers an existential threat to it.

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