Prime Video’s Expats Trailer Teases a Compelling Drama Led by Nicole Kidman

Brace yourselves for a gripping tale of family, tragedy, and identity, beautifully woven in Prime Video’s upcoming series Expats. Inspired by the renowned novel ‘The Expatriates’ penned by Janice Y. K. Lee, the captivating series boasts an all-star cast. Oscar winner Nicole Kidman graces the lead role, accompanying her, we have Sarayu Blue of ‘Never Have I Ever’ fame, and Ji-young Yoo, known for ‘The Sky is Everywhere’, bringing life to this mesmerizing drama.

Sterling Cast Of Expats

In Expats, the spotlight is shared between three resilient women navigating their lives through a sudden family catastrophe. Kidman stunningly portrays Margaret, while Blue and Yoo offer intense performances as Hilary and Mercy, respectively. But the talent doesn’t stop here, the series’ ensemble also includes Brian Tee from ‘Chicago Med’ as Margaret’s husband, Clarke, and Jack Huston from ‘House of Gucci’ playing Hilary’s spouse, David. The show promises compelling performances from Amelyn Pardenilla as Puri, Ruby Ruiz as Essie, Will Orr as Tony, and Bonde Sham as Charly.

Prime Video

A Sneak Peek Into The Engrossing Story of Expats

The official trailer, released recently, presents a glimpse into the complex lives of three American women set against the vibrant and tumultuous backdrop of 2014 Hong Kong. As the trio’s lives intertwine following a sudden family mishap, the story delves deep into the themes of privilege, victimhood, and culpability. The dramatic trailer sees Margaret yearning for an escape from being “defined by tragedy” as she juggles motherhood and marriage. However, her life takes a sudden twist when her son mysteriously goes missing.

Distinguished Crew Behind The Scenes

Filmmaker Lulu Wang, best known for ‘The Farewell’, masterfully helms the series as creator, director, and writer. Sharing the executive producing responsibilities alongside Wang are industry stalwarts like Daniel Melia, Nicole Kidman herself, Per Saari, Alice Bell, Theresa Park, and Stan Wlodkowski. Bell, Vera Miao, Gursimran Sandhu, and author Lee contribute their expertise as writers to this compelling narrative. The first two episodes of the six-part miniseries will debut on Prime Video on Thursday, January 26, 2024, with new episodes releasing on a weekly basis.

The unveiling of ‘Expats’ is just around the corner. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with each episode promising to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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